Thrombosis in COVID-19 patients*

E.M.J. Marsman

Department of Clinical and Experimental Cardiology, Heart Centre, Amsterdam UMC, Location Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

*Weergave van bespreking tijdens Journal Club meeting van de afdelingen cardiologie van Amsterdam UMC en OLVG d.d. 7 april 2020

COVID-19 might be an independent risk for thrombosis and diffuse intravascular coagulation, apart from immobilization and sepsis.1

D-dimer and prothrombin time on hospital admission were significantly higher in COVID-19 patients at the ICU2 and in non-survivors.3

Retrospectively, treatment with low-dose heparin showed lower mortality only in patients with markedly elevated d-dimer (>3.0 μg/mL) or significant coagulopathy. This effect was not found in severe non-COVID pneumonia.4

After finding anti-viral effects of dipyridamole in vitro, Liu et al. reported higher discharge rates after two weeks in 12 patients treated with dipyridamole (58.4%) versus 10 control patients (40%).5

Thus, the ISTH (International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis) advises LMWH prophylaxis in almost all COVID-19 patients and advise considering hospital admission based upon elevated d-dimer. Whether higher doses of prophylactic heparin should be administered, is yet to be explored.


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